Zero Waste Wednesday: A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

In my efforts to reduce food packaging waste, I’ve learned one valuable lesson: the importance of planning ahead.

First, I plan my menus for the month. This helps with budgeting and gives me a direction. Then, every other week, I plan out what groceries I will need. I used to shop once a month, but this resulted in a reliance on pre-packaged and processed foods and, of course, more packaging waste. Whole foods, which are available in bulk, will not last a month. If I bought a month’s worth of flour at a time, I would need many, many containers!

Once I’ve bought the food, I need to plan a couple of days ahead with preparation. I make a large batch of bagels and tortillas over the weekend, so that I do not have to worry about them during the week. All baked goods, granola, and yogurt require advance planning.

The planning takes some getting used to, but it’s really starting to pay off.

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