Zero Waste Wednesday: A Garbage Update

We’ve made some great progress toward meeting our New Year’s Resolution of reducing our garbage. We split our time between two houses in the winter, to make Beanie’s therapy schedule easier. At our house, we have been filling about 1/3 of a kitchen garbage bag per week. At the other house, it’s been 1/2 of a plastic grocery bag.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the garbage is diapers. We used cloth diapers until the Bean turned two. At that time, she was outgrowing her supply, and we decided to just use disposables, since we were surely so close to potty training! However, potty training is sometimes more difficult for kids with SPD, and we don’t know if Beanie even feels the urge to go. But we’ll keep plugging away. I am positive that we will meet our goal of filling no more than one grocery bag per month, once the Bean is potty trained!

Otherwise, we’ve had the most luck with using reusable grocery shopping containers and finding creative ways to dispose of food waste. Also, making a weekly recycling trip has cut down on paper, cardboard, and plastic waste. Recycling is overwhelming if we don’t reduce first, but we have no more than a canvas grocery bag full of items to take in each week.

So, out of curiosity, after garbage day on Monday, I am going to bag the diapers separately for a week and see how much garbage we would produce without them.

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