You Might be a Sailor If…

First, read this very humorous post from Megan and Corey’s blog last summer.

And now I have a few to add.

You might be a sailor if…

1. The eerie sound of wind howling through rigging wakes you up as easily as any alarm clock.

2. You sometimes arrive at the store, realizing you forgot to wear shoes.

3. You are used to riding through town on a bicycle, overloaded with shopping bags.

4. You think the propane is a very valuable, scarce resource that must be conserved carefully.

5. You prefer the taste of boiled lake water to most municipal water supplies.

6. Being able to run the fridge at night is a tremendous, rare luxury.

7. You are in the habit of striking up conversations with random strangers, and if they don’t respond they are obviously snobs.

8. You think there is nothing fancier an a shower that gets so hot that you actually have to turn on the cold water too!

9. You row and bicycle-ride more often than you drive a car.

10. The greatest excitement of your day comes when you raise the anchor–who knows what surprises will come up with it?

So, happy sailing, all!

As for us, we’re still in Frankfort. We started to leave yesterday, when our electrical system failed yet again. We are pretty sure that we need a new battery, so we’ll get that taken care of today. If all goes well, we’ll head out tomorrow!

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