Why We Aren’t in Tawas Yet

It’s been wet. Super wet and miserable. Today, we left our boat for most of the day, to go into Midland for Beanie’s therapy and some thrift shore shopping. But we came back, and it was leaking EVERYWHERE (except underneath!). So, it’s definitely better to only be taking on water from the topside. But still!

It’s raining again tomorrow, but we had already planned to meet my parents at the Midland Mall, then have them drop us off at the boat (taking back their car). Then, we had planned to leave on Sunday, which was supposed to be nice.

Guess what? Now it’s supposed to be yucky. And I don’t care. We’re getting out of here.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to be stupid. We won’t leave in winds over 20 mph, or crazy waves (over 10 ft, or so). We won’t go out if a thunder storm is predicted. (You don’t really want to feel St. Elmo’s fire burning within you!).

But, we’ve done rain. We’ve done waves. We’ve sipped tea while sailing in the cold. And, as much as we love Tawas, we’ll see nothing this summer if we keep waiting for the perfect day. And I can get soaked just as happily there as here.

Here are some pictures from today:

But, you know what? Last summer’s beginning was idyllic. Every day of our cruise was beautiful, filled with sunshine, until the unexpected and tragic last day. If I never have to hear that sound again, of fiberglass against rocks; if I never have to descend the steps, into a puddle; if I never have to take the (broken) helm into crazily dense fog, as we are slowly sinking; if I never have to fight to have a harbor even look at our damaged boat…If I can skip all of that, I’ll take the rain. This is just part of the game, and I’ll definitely take it.

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