Why I Love This Time of the Year

When I was a teen, and especially in college, I hated winter semester.

I love all the seasons, but the long stretch between Christmas break and spring break, when it is cold and snowy, just seemed to drag on and on.

Now I love it.

Why? It’s a time when life follows a definite routine, we have lots of cozy family time, and we are able to see our friends and family on a pretty regular basis. These are the things I love about late winter:

1. Consistency! Christmas time is fun, but very random. Afterwards, there are no special events, no extended visits (which we love, but they do lack the routine), no long breaks from school. This is the time when I get things done with my students, when family life follows a nice rhythm, and when the Bean is her happiest.

2. It’s all about us. We visit over Christmas, and we usually visit over spring break. In-between, we’re at home. It’s snowing outside, so we’ll pop some corn, relax, and enjoy some “us” time. It’s when we dance almost every night, go out for dinner, and play together in the snow.

3. Regular get-togethers happen. Nobody is busy with the holidays, or with vacation. So we’re seeing our friends in Mount Pleasant once every other week, my parents once a week, and our friends in Saginaw and Midland on a much more regular basis. It keeps us more connected than we are any other time of the year.

So, brew up some cocoa, and have yourself a wonderful winter!

3 thoughts on “Why I Love This Time of the Year

  1. The part I dislike about this year is the gastro-intestinal bugs that float around. Ili’s grandpa has it today and we need to postpone our day with our favorite grandaughter until maybe next Saturday.

    • Wow, I guess we should bring our cell phone into the house, shouldn’t we? So how many times have you had the stomach flu now? We had it twice over Christmas.

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