When the Gales of November Come Early…

We procrastinated on scheduling our haul-out.

It was the first week of October when we called, and they were booked every weekend this month. We had not intended to haul out in cold, rainy weather, but we waited too long. I have the 24th off, so we scheduled it that day.

Fortune smileth upon us.

This morning, when I logged on to Facebook, I saw this picture:

This was posted by our dock neighbor and fellow seasonal live-aboard, Bobbi. She said that A dock was underwater, and that she was glad they had recently pulled out (into indoor storage). I figured that she would have told me if Moonraker were in any trouble, and that no news was good news. Still, I asked. Lindsey, another seasonal live aboard, said that our sail cover will need repair, but that we’re fine otherwise. Bobbi concurred, but said that our bumper was deflated. So we’ll have to make sure we’re not rubbing against the dock, but we probably won’t be calling the insurance company yet once again.

Bobbi gave me permission to post the pictures she took. It just gives me chills to think that, had we done things the right way and scheduled our haul-out on time, that would be our boat. We were definitely better off in the water, than on dry dock, outdoor storage. It’s sad, because we know a lot of the people who own boats that were ruined.

In front of A dock

Yes, the floating dock is under water.

Stormy skies over A and B dock.

Look at that mast. Total heartbreak.

Look at the keel.

Very sad sight

High water levels

The parking lot for A dock.

This picture made me happy. See the first mast on the right? That’s Moonraker, sitting high in the water. The Wal-Mart bilge pump is keeping us afloat once again!

That will be a stinky mess…

That will be a project in itself…

The boat on the far left is Perennial, one of the only two boats to overtake Moonraker. I don’t know if we’ll get our rematch…

It seems, no matter what the season, the Lakes are full of unpredictability. This time, we were lucky. No more, no less. But suddenly our adventures in Thunder Bay don’t seem so bad…


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