Weathered In

Two nights ago, we arrived in Pentwater. We rented a slip, so that Rob could do his camera repairs and possibly work on the 12 volt system. We’re staying at the municipal dock, which is a small operation–staffed by a very fun, delightful harbor master and one dock hand. There were few pleasure boaters here when we arrived, but the marina was packed with fishers.

Yesterday, we saw that the weather was not favorable for us–there was a strong (10-20 kt) southerly wind. We learned in Presque Isle that we can’t make good headway against such a wind. So we decided to anchor out. There were a lot of boats moored in the lake, and a few on the hook. First, we headed to a private marina to get a pump-out, nearly running over their low-lying floating dock in the process! Then, we proceeded to the anchorage. The lake here is rather deep close to shore. We came in as much as we comfortably could, and barely got below 30 feet. We won’t anchor in more than 20, since we have to raise our anchor by hand. The wind was picking up, as well, so we headed back to the marina, where the harbor master was happy to see us. As the day went on, the marina filled up with more cruising boats–mainly power boats, but a few sailors as well–seeking refuge. Today, the wind will be from the north, but it is supposed to get up to 30 knots, with 5-8 foot waves. Like our power boater neighbors, we’re planning on spending another day in Pentwater! After this blows through, we will have a good day to sail to White Lake (or even Muskegon, if the wind is really good!).

In the meantime, here we are! Pentwater is definitely a tourist town, so I’m glad we stocked up on provisions in Ludington. But we’ve had some fun, and we’ll do more exploring today.

Some of our favorites:

–The multitude of ice cream shops! Beanie and I went to the Pentwater Popcorn Company and split a double-scoop Peanut Butter Cookie dough. You can imagine her surprise when they handed her that large cone. All she could say was, “Wow!”

–Right across from the boat, is a store called, “Storybook Village.” How could Beanie not love that? It’s owned by two boaters (and Great-Loopers, none the less!), and they encouraged her to look around and play with the books and corresponding puppets. Beanie found a princess doll to ride the dragon puppet, and she loved the tiger puppet. We bought a pirate book, and she tried on a mermaid costume that she loved (hint: Grandma!). They have story times throughout the day, and Jelly Bean loved coming back to hear three stories. I’m sure I’ll be spending more money there before we’re done.

–The west side of Michigan has some wonderful toy stores, with lots of kid-powered, educational (in the exploratory fashion, rather than direct teaching) toys. Beanie fell in love with the Pentwater Toybox. You can see them on You Tube here. She played with the wooden train set, while Rob and I looked around. I found her a sticker book, which she loved, and some glow-in-the-dark fairy tattoos. She loves girly things, so I thought these would be a hit. Turns out she hates fairies, and favors pirate tattoos. Go figure.

–Pentwater also has a great Boat Store. Forget West Marine! This store is set up in an antique store-style shop, complete with boating antiques. But don’t worry, they have all the necessities. We bought some marine toilet paper and looked at carburettor supplies.

We will do more exploring today, then we will head south, as the weather allows!

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