Vintage Bean

As you can tell, I’ve been going through some of our old digital photos. I found some very cute, older pictures of my Jelly Bean. Enjoy!

I love this picture! The Bean and I had just been through 22 hours of labor, which happily ended in an assisted delivery rather than a C-section. We were at a small hospital, and, when the doctor gave the word, every nurse on duty was in my room! Faster than I could even process things, the doctor placed her on my chest, announcing, “It’s a girl!” One nurse asked, “Are you sure?” While this was going on, there were probably 3 sets of hands rubbing her, which led to the Bean expressing her opinion about the whole thing, “A-naa! A-naa!” All I could do was exclaim, “You’re beautiful! I love you!” So, here I am, sleepless, exhausted, and, oh so proud. But thank goodness for the 3 additional nights I got to spend there, and for the nursery, that last night…

There was no shortage of love for this Bean!

After 4 nights in the hospital, I thought I was done crying everytime I looked at her. Wrong! The nurse with the wheelchair took this picture for us; shortly afterwards, I was loaded up. The Bean was on my lap, in her carseat (which was WAY too large for her!). She was surrounded by all her bags, my bag, and the flowers in the background. Rob and I both teared up during the trip downstairs. Look at how we’re dressed! We all had been living in the very air-conditioned hospital. It was in the ’90’s outside, and our Jeep had no A/C. Surprise!

This was AFTER she started taking her Prevacid. The good news is that she would sleep, rather than screaming all night. The bad news is that she would only sleep on top of me, in the recliner. Rob, who was jealous that I got to snuggle with our little baby every night, took this picture before we woke up. She looks too little to be so sick.

She did fine, until around 6 weeks. Then, we had to increase her Prevacid. It hadn’t kicked in yet when we celebrated my dad’s birthday. We bought her Mylanta, which did nothing. Dad held her and carried her around the whole time.

Rob’s brother’s birthday is the same day as my dad’s, but we celebrated it later. The Bean was in much better spirits when we went to Taco Tuesday. Here she is with “Nana” and “Grumpa.” Luckily, her and Nana were able to have fun together and invent some games–which she probably will remember–over the next 4 years.

She got fussed over by 4 grandparents…

…And two great-grandparents!

We went on our first camping trip, which included a visit to–you guessed it–Tawas harbor!

And that’s my silly, crazy, girl, who had an excess of personality from day one!

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