Victories in Peace

If you have been reading this long, you know that I am a pacifist. If nothing else, I take seriously the notion that we should do our best to live in peace with one another.

I will not argue with friends with whom I disagree, on philosphical issues, just to argue.

I will not let my ideals destroy a friendship.

My resistance to materiaism, my dominant chararactic, has not cost me a single friend…

It’s easy, in those situations.

But, what do I do, when people are mean to me? What do I do when they try to provoke me?

Do I bite?

Do I take the bait? Or, do I say “*take a deep breath*. I understand. You”ve done X, Y, and Z. Is there anything I can do to help?”

And there always is. Love is always appeciated.

“Yes, I’m frustrated. You’re right.”

Love. Love, love,love. Turn the other cheek And turn it again

If you love, there WILL be peace. Even if it hurts. If there are screams, but you do what’s right, that’s where you want to be.

Love is powerful. It’s what you have. Keep it, and never give it away.

2 thoughts on “Victories in Peace

  1. Love is a choice and an action! Excellently put Bethany. ((hugs)) and have a great time on the boat this weekend. I hope you finish the painting. I will be in the garden.

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