Under the Bridge

I am writing this, during a storm, at anchor in Lake Charlevoix. We are, finally, back in (reliable) cell phone range. We’re going to be here for the next few days, while I take Beanie into Midland for her therapy and we get the topping lift fixed.

So, during that time, I’ll tell you the story of how we got here. If you remember, when you last heard from me, we were in Mackinaw City. (I know many of you are not from Michigan–do look up Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island!) They are the tourist capitals of Michigan, located by the Mackinaw Bridge, which connects the upper and lower peninsulas. That bridge of the topic of today’s story.

One of the Mackinaw Island ferries shared the marina with us. We saw them coming and going all day.

The retired, and well-known icebreaker “Mackinaw,” now on the hard.

The Bridge. Last summer, we set out to go under that bridge, into Lake Michigan. This year, we intended to actually make it. This is a major rite of passage for sailors on the Lakes.

We saw the “Alpena,” a very well-known, old freighter from Thunder Bay, going under the Bridge.

There was a very neat-looking abandoned light house on the other side of the Straits.

White Shoal light.

A stiff, westerly wind was forecast, so going directly to Beaver Island would have been difficult. We planned to sail to Charlevoix instead, where we would hang out for a week. Our friends who summer on Beaver Island keep a car there, and they are letting us use it to get into Midland for Beanie’s therapy appointment. After the appointment, we would return to Beaver Island to visit them.

When we reached our course change, however, there was absolutely no wind. So we decided to motor to Beaver. We anchored out in St. James bay and had a great time. I’ll share some of our adventures with you tomorrow!

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