Top 10 Posts of 2011

Happy new year, everyone! I went back and found the top 10 posts of the year, based on number of visits the day the posts were published. It was surprising to remember that I only started blogging in March 2011–life has definitely provided me with plenty of material this year!

So here they are–enjoy!

10. On Judging Other Parents This was the first post I wrote about having a kid with a disability.

9. Moonraker: The Grand Tour A walk through my summer home!

8. Saturday Simple Playtime: Vintage Pedal Car A trip to the park in the pedal car we restored for Beanie! I also included a Moonraker update, where I thought it would be done in a week. Ha!

7. When the Gales of November Come Early Posts about “adventures” on the boat are always popular, but happily this one did not involve Moonraker.

6. A Good Job of Not Dying A rather tongue-in-cheek post about all the things we’ve done without getting ourselves killed.

5. Aboard Once Again! The glorious day we finally left Alpena! What was waiting for us? A 13-hour motoring run, 10-foot swells, engine failure (and repair), and my first time navigating under the stars!

4. Project: Bring a Little Bit of Moonraker Home The day we truly became minimalists!

3. Thank You and an Update What happens to a dream deferred?

2. And So it Goes The day Moonraker left bottom paint on the rocks in Thunder Bay.

1. On Dreams, Children, Growing Up, and Settling Down This was actually inspired by this post, written by the two kids we met in Harrisville, who were spending all summer on their boat. It broke my heart that they thought they would need to stop adventuring, to “grow up.” (And if you read their blog, you’ll see that they are in the middle of a huge adventure!).

So, let’s all welcome 2012! I don’t really think the world will end this year, but if it does, it will probably be right as we’re leaving Thunder Bay… (That will be late June/early July, folks…)

Thank you for sharing my adventures, and I look forward to sharing many more!

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