Time to Start Thinking About Christmas (Seriously!)

If you’ve been following my New Year’s Resolutions, you know that I plan to finish my Christmas shopping early. By early, I mean before Black Friday. Christmas is a huge bucket of stress for me, even though I love it. I think, by getting the shopping done early, we will be free to enjoy more of what the season has to offer.

So, this month I made a list of everyone we shop for, for Christmas and for birthdays. I counted up the gifts and divided them by the months that we have. I will need to purchase 4 gifts per month, in order to be done by my goal date.

So, now, we wait for opportunities to present themselves. Each child on our list gets a book, an outfit, and a toy. Whenever Beanie brings home a book order, I order every book under $3, that looks good (come on, no phonics or sight word readers–those are boring!). We check Woot and Kid’s Woot. We look on e-bay for new outfits. When stores have sales, we stock up. When we’re in port this summer, we’ll find unique gifts. When there is a longer time limit, you are able to find more.

So, let’s get started on that list. Don’t forget to check it twice!

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