Thrift Store Shopping Trip!

Over the weekend, I made some great progress on my minimalist wardrobe! I was not happy with the clothing I could find online, so I have deviated slightly from my original plan. However, I do now have 3 sundresses, 3 blazers, 1 denim jacket, 1 pair of jeans, 1 t-shirt, and 1 pair of shorts. I still want to get a white, flowing dress, which would give me one more piece. In the meantime, I’m keeping one of my too-big skirts.

Here are my new acquisitions, found at the Salvation Army store in Midland:

Red sundress, with wrap front by Chadwicks

Paired with a blazer by Worthington, for work.

My new Espirit sundress, with the Apt 9 denim jacket Ive owned for years.

The dress, all ready for summer!

Down to business with a dress by CDC and a J. Crew blazer.

Now its a little black dress, for a night on the town!

So that is the progress I’ve made. I also hope to get a classy, 1-piece bathing suit. In addition to my core wardrobe, I own two fancy dresses and a pair of “grubby” jeans, which are a must with all the painting we end up doing!

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