The Ultimate Freedom

…is being free from worrying about what other people think.

We’ve all learned that we should not worry about our more “mainstream” friends who question a smaller wardrobe, or a house filled with less things. That we shouldn’t worry about other parents who wonder about our methods. About people who think we’re “weird.”

But what about the other “weird” people?

I’ve seen many minimalist bloggers, wondering if their current decision–whatever it may be–is minimalist enough. I’ve seen mothers who practice natural parenting, wondering if they are crunchy enough.

This isn’t freedom, folks. We need to be ourselves, and make whatever decisions fit with our own lifestyles. I own 14 articles of clothing. That’s acceptable “minimalist” by any standards. But we also have a Netflix subscription and a couple of laptops. Are we minimalist enough? Honestly, we don’t care. We’ve found our balance, and we’re happy. That’s good enough for us.

I breastfed my daughter for 22 months. We treat her GERD using diet, rather than medications. However, she does get all of her vaccines (albeit delayed), and she goes to a public preschool. Am I crunchy enough? Again, it doesn’t matter.

If the truth be told, we all pick and choose from different ideologies. When we worry about fitting in to one category, we’re still like teenagers, trying to fit into a clique. We’re adults, and we really can be ourselves. Free yourself, and you’ll no longer feel like you need to justify your decisions.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Freedom

  1. It is a wonderful feeling, when you get that far. I’m not as minimalist as I’d like to be…yet…but having been without a TV for the past 24 years draws enough commentary to empathize.

    • I think constantly trying to improve ourselves is an important part of life. The important thing is that we are doing it for the sake of self-improvement, rather than trying to fit into a group.

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