The Toy Question

Toys are complicated.

We learned right away that electronic, blinky toys are not the way to go. They took up space, were minimally engaging, and the batteries kept dying. So we sought out simple toys that required imagination.

The problem is there are so many of them available. Day after day, Beanie’s neatly-organized, sorted toys would be scattered all over her bedroom floor. She didn’t play with them–she just threw them around. This quickly became frustrating.

So we pared down her toys. In her room, she just has a table with a small dollhouse, her stuffed animals, and a couple of vehicles. In the basement, she has her playhouse (and kitchen) and her toy box (which is not all the way full, because she would not use the toys if it were). Before we leave on Moonraker, we’re going to sort through her toybox again.

However, with her therapy, we wanted to buy some toys for guided play. If we could spend a lot of time outside all year, we wouldn’t need as many of these. These toys go in the snack bar in the basement. Again, it’s time to sort through those.

But, in 6 days, we will be living in a much smaller space.

We need to bring toys. It’s true that, in port, the Bean is outside most of the time. But she quickly becomes restless when we’re underway, especially when it’s not appropriate for her to do laps around the decks. Efficiency is the key in packing toys for the boat. Every toy must be used.

This is what we’re thinking:
–5 books (including some pattern books that she can read).
–Her small Melissa and Doug “Tree House”
–Her little plastic animals that she can’t live without
–A box of legos
–Her bucket and sand toys
–Her small tricycle (for use in port, of course!)

Then, her birthday gifts will be strategically selected:
–Marble Works
–Paper dolls
–Art supplies

Of course, we’ll also bring the iPad and some DVD’s. Technology has its place, as long as it doesn’t replace the creative toys!

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