The Tale of the Possessed Stove

Well, we’re stuck. But we borrowed a car and made a trip to the hardware store to get some fittings for our new stove. Here is the stove:

It looks really nice on our counter, and it fits nicely in the cupboard when it’s not in use. The problem is, it’s supposed to have a large propane cylinder, like a grill. And that’s a risky proposition inside a boat. We could hide the cylinder in the cupboard, but if it leaked and we didn’t notice, we could be in trouble. Propane weighs less than air, so it would sink to the bilge. The blower would not be able to blow it out, and it could ignite when we started the engine. So, no large tanks. We had to make a small cylinder fit.

We tried using a regulator from a camp stove, with some fittings. It was not a true regulator, however, and the stove went crazy. It could boil water in record time, but the flame was so huge and used up the entire tank making a pot of coffee and two pitchers of iced tea. Then, when the tank started getting empty, really crazy things happened. We had to turn up the gas on the tank, which led to really large flames, that then randomly died out. The line became completely encrusted in frost. And, when we turned it off, we got that telltale aroma.


For the next three days, we’re going to enjoy some coffee from local establishments (tomorrow will be the only tough day, when one of us will have to bicycle to 7-11). We will look into getting the right kind of regulator for this stove (although that may not even be possible). Otherwise, we really just need a nice 1 burner unit.. All we do is boil water and make the occasional breakfast (pasta too, sometimes, in the fall). We have the grill, and we eat lots of cold food in the summer.

At least we had one nice bacon and eggs breakfast…

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