The First Day of the Rest of my Life (again)

It starts with a stressful day.

During that day, perhaps, there is a trip to the teachers’ lounge. And perhaps, on the table, there is some homemade banana bread. Or a box of doughnuts. What matters is not the specific food, only that I grab one and eagerly gnaw on it in my frustration.

Then, on the ride home, my gas tank is empty. We use cash only, so I must go in to pay. I’ve eaten refined carbs and sugar, which was reawakened new cravings. That Three Musketeers Truffle Crisp bar looks much more tempting than it ever did before. It’s on sale for 50 cents too. Well, I’ve had a stressful day–I deserve it!

The next day, tired from the stress, I forget to pack my lunch. Ooh, I think, I can order out. I spend all day fantasizing about my Subway veggie pizza (I’ve got them perfected! Too bad about the sweetened sauce and white flour crust).

Finally, after a few months of this, I realize that some of my dresses are a bit short to wear to work. And my blue jeans just plain don’t fit anymore.

For most of us, yo-yo dieting is a fact of life. In this country, it’s hard for it not to be! Just one serving of something full of refined carbs, and I start craving them all over again. That’s the way those foods work–they’re addictive! It takes an incredible amount of willpower to eat differently than the standard America diet, and to stick with it, with no backsliding.

By now, you should have figured out that I’m not exactly overflowing with willpower.

So, while we’re getting the boat ready, we’re also getting ourselves ready to be running around in bathing suits. Right now, the popular diet is Weight Watchers, but I haven’t had much luck on that. I burn out, having to figure out and count points, and I need something that actively discourages the sugary foods that are making me fat.

With that in mind, we’re doing a modified South Beach diet. Yeah, remember that–it was the fad diet of choice 5 “Phase One” detox at the beginning. What we don’t like is the use of artificial sweeteners and the way fats are handled (low on saturated fats, high on omega-6’s). So we use some Stevia in the Raw, but not as much as the book advocates. And we don’t worry about fats, except for trans fats and omega-6’s (which we need, but if we consciously try to avoid them, we will eat the right amount…they are in EVERYTHING in this country!).

Our plan was to start today, but I started yesterday. I had cheese sticks for breakfast, cottage cheese with tomatoes for lunch, and chicken for dinner. Oh, and since it wasn’t officially our first day, I had one last Truffle Crisp bar (if you’ve never eaten one, don’t start!), and we had one last glass of wine (don’t worry, it’s just banned during the 2-week detox period). The result: this morning, I’m two pounds lighter!

So, we’re on the detox phase. No grains or starches are allowed, so it’s really low-carb. I’m not into making actual meal plans, but I’ve filled the fridge with salad greens and veggies, cottage cheese, one chicken, boneless chicken thighs, ground beef, cheese, and two packages of fish. Oh, and eggs. Lots of eggs.

I will update you on my progress, next Saturday!

2 thoughts on “The First Day of the Rest of my Life (again)

  1. Oh, then oops! Lunch is burger and hot dogs, potato salad, and fruit, with ice cream cup cakes for dessert. Sorry.

    • Trying to thwart us, are you Grandma? :-p We’ll have burgers w/o buns, I’ll bring some egg salad, and we’ll split a cup cake.

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