The Dinghy Project

Remember our dinghy from last year? (You can see a picture of it in our Harrisville post). The boat actually folded in half and bent the oars when we used it to get out to our boat before we left Ossineke.

Luckily, Rob’s family has a wooden dinghy that his grandpa made back in the 1940’s. It was, however, in need of a little love. Here’s it’s evolution during the past 2 weeks.

First, we took the bottom off and resealed it using fiberglass resin.

The resin we bought (made by Bondo) was defective and took a couple of days to dry. Fortunately, it did dry!

Then it was time to add bottom paint. We used some that was left over from Moonraker.

We plan to do more cosmetically, but it is functional. It still has some leaks, but it’s MUCH better than our old dinghy!

Now, we will spend the rest of the day loading up the boat and cleaning up the house. After some grocery shopping (and gas purchasing, so we don’t have to go into Alpena!), we’ll set sail for Presque Isle in the morning!

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