The Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Music is definitely a large part of our holiday celebrations. We prefer to play our own records, or be high tech and crank up the iPod (even Pandora is great, when we have enough bandwidth left!). I have tried listening on the radio, but the majority of the popular music is glurge, politically motivated, or just plain annoying. (Don’t worry, I’ll have my list of annoying songs later).

What do we like? Fun, non-glurgy songs with a good beat, songs that stay away from the materialism that is crammed down our throats this time of the year, and pretty, spiritual songs that aren’t just trying to make a political point.

So here are our top 5:

1. Step into Christmas, by Elton John. It’s fun, and it just gets you in the mood to bake a batch of cookies!

2. Mary’s Boy Child, by Boney M. A really fun, island beat. It always gets stuck in my head.

3. O Holy Night, sung by anyone. The link takes you to the one by Nat King Cole, which is definitely a classic. This is such a beautiful, spiritual song, that sends chills down my spine.

4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Bare Naked Ladies. This song is pleasing to the ear, and, if you get the one with the commentary, absolutely hilarious!

5. Carol of the Bells. By anyone! It’s frantic, it’s fun. It’s not anything you’ll hear overplayed!

So make a playlist of YOUR favorite tunes while you trim the tree this year!

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