Tentative Plan

Float plans are close to worthless on sailboats, We’ll probably
get stuck somewhere. But this is what we’re thinking for next week…

Friday: We’ll make the 8 hour run to Presque Isle, where we’ll anchor out. Maybe we’ll take in the fabled seafood buffet while we’re there…

Saturday: A shorter run to Rogers City, one of Rob’s favorite ports. We’ll get a slip and stay an extra day. Maybe they will be able to fix our mast…

Monday: Off to Bois Blanc, our honeymoon destination! This is an island, so you probably won’t hear from us. Don’t worry; we’ll be close to land all the way. We’ll be here at least two nights.

Wednesday: We’re going to try to get in to Mackinaw Island’s marina! We’ll anchor out and see if a slip becomes available. If so, we’ll pull in and stay 2 nights. Otherwise, it’s back to Bois Blanc for 2 more nights, and we’ll travel to Mackinaw in our dinghy.

Friday: This is our tentative day for finally going under the bridge! (It will probably change, but it WILL happen during this leg of our journey). We will make a long run to Charlevoix.

Saturday: It’s a short run to Beaver Island. This will be a test of our navigational abilities, as we’ll end up in Wisconsin if we screw it up. We won’t, but we’ll be out of cell phone range. We’ll be visiting friends, who are expecting us, and we’ll spend at least two nights there.

Monday: Our friends love going to Manitou Island, so we figured it was time for us to give it a try. You won’t hear from us (out of cell range), but we’re looking at one night, weather-permitting. It’s a very short run from Beaver.

Tuesday: If all goes well, we’ll be in Northport, or somewhere in Grand Traverse.

Wednesday: We have to be in Traverse City by this day.

Of course, the engine is the wild card. I’m hoping we’ll be able to figure it out, or that replacing the fuel pump did the trick. I don’t like to think about it, but it could end the season early. But we’re optimistic that we’ll solve the problem, if we haven’t already. Time will tell.

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