Taking Advantage of a Good Wind

On our 11th anniversary, around 12:00 a.m., there was a thunderstorm. Rob went outside to attach a jumper cable to the mast, and put the other end over the side, giving the lightening a good path to follow (more appealing that travelling through our hull, by blowing a hole through it…). Then we went to bed, and didn’t think much about it.

We were up for two hours, when we heard sailboats racing all around us. Then we looked outside and realized we weren’t in front of the same beach…

We had dragged anchor, across the river. We were very lucky we didn’t run aground, since there are a lot of rocks in Lake Charlevoix. We quietly returned our boat to its previous place, in front of the public beach.

We took in the beauty of the lake, while we looked for a marina with an open slip for the next night.

The wind was out of the west, so we would theoretically be able to sail to Grand Traverse. Northport had open slips, on the wall, and that would provide a nice reprieve from anchoring out. When we set out, we were close hauled, but we were able to sail. The water was calm, and we didn’t go as fast as we have on crazier days. But it was relaxing. We set up the autohelm (yes, “Otto”) and enjoyed the trip.

We were chasing the same boat all the way there.

It was definitely a day to use the genoa.

When we approached Grand Traverse bay, there were a lot of sailboats anchored out by the state park in Northport. Smart move.

It was a wonderful change of scenery…

Beanie enjoyed a ride, along with the laundry.

Northport has free laundry machines, if you have a slip. We definitely took advantage of this!

Moonraker looks so tiny on the wall!

By the end of the day, Beanie had had enough!

We want to go to Traverse City next, but this week happens to be the Cherry Festival. We called the marina, and they may have a wall slip for us tomorrow. We plan to go there first thing in the morning, and we will anchor out if we can’t get in. After that, we plan to stop in Elk Rapids before leaving the bay.

2 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of a Good Wind

  1. That last photo is my favorite. There’s Beanie, tired, and you too laughing and being like, we need a picture of this!

    • That is EXACTLY what happened! LOL We were walking the docks, talking to some other sailors, and she just decided that she was done. She’s been sleeping very well this summer.

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