Surviving Cold Season: Part 2, Natural Treatments

Sometimes a cold can’t be prevented.

When that, happens, we have plenty of remedies available. First, and foremost…

Elderberry syrup is proven to deactivate viruses. I can find it at the Amish store for $9 a bottle, or you can find recipes to make your own. It is a harmless food substance, and completely worth taking. In most cases, it eliminates my cold symptoms in 1-3 days. This is the most important supplement you could take for a cold or the flu.

Next, try this…

We’ve tried lots of supplements claiming to shorten colds and the flu. This one works the best, hands down.

Stuffy nose? This will help your sinuses:

It’s nasal irrigation. It will feel really weird, but it will rinse the virus out of your sinuses, and clear up any swelling. I use it as soon as my nose stuffs up. It works really well.

And, finally, if you’re coughing or have clogged sinuses, nothing beats this…

It’s eucalptus oil. Spray in on pillows, on clothing. Put it in bath water. It’s wonderful, and it will work right away.

So, stock up the cupboard, do your research, and stay healthy this winter!

For cold prevention ideas, click here.

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