Sunday Supper: Yummy Applesauce

Here is a yummy fall recipe! Yesterday, I wrote about ways to include children in the kitchen. This recipe is a perfect way to start.

1. Start with a peck of apples. I love to use Ida Red! We have an apple peeling machine, which the Bean loves to use.

2. Place the peeled apples and 1 cup of water in a stockpot. I let Beanie pour the water.

3. Heat to boiling, stirring and smashing the apples. Continue until apples are soft. A large stockpot won’t get hot near the top, so this is a good activity for a little one to do with LOTS of supervision.

4. After it cools, enjoy some fall goodness!

5. We put the rest into jars. This is a step the Bean can do, if I pour it into a bowl first, so she can reach it.

One thought on “Sunday Supper: Yummy Applesauce

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