Sunday Supper: Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

I first had a version of this at a Pampered Chef party. This is my variation, which is much less processed that the original.

First, make your pizza crust. You’ll find some good tips for that here. After the crust is cooked, top with cooked chicken (I recommend organic, or at least cage-free). Sprinkle cheese over the chicken–I prefer a white cheese, such as mozzarella or monterey jack. Cook for 30 minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

Top with salad greens (stick with romaine or green leaf lettuce–kale would be too overpowering) and Caesar dressing. Don’t get store bought! It’s full of HFCS. You can find a good recipe here. Annie’s Naturals also makes a Caesar dressing with no HFCS.

Enjoy your pizza!

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