Sunday Supper: Bean Dip

Here is another easy summer recipe. I live to bring this to potlucks, but we have also just eaten it as a meal.

First, mix one can of refried beans with 1/2 cup of salsa. Read the label on the beans! If they contain partially hydrogenated oils, they contain trans fats, regardless of what else the label says. You could also make your own, if you feel ambitious. I like to use pinto or great northern beans. Spread the beans and salsa along the bottom of a dish.

Next, spread guacamole over the beans. Guac is easy to make. Here is a recipe. When I’m in a hurry, sometimes I leave it out.

Spread sour cream over the guacamole, then top with shredded cheese. To be fancy, you can also top with chopped green onions.

We eat it with whole wheat crackers, or spread it on tortillas to make wraps.

One thought on “Sunday Supper: Bean Dip

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