Stuck in a Nice Port (for Once)

Yesterday we stayed in Tawas for the fun of it, and had a great time with my parents, seeing the sights around town. The day was sunny and beautiful, until my parents decided to take their boat to the gas dock for a pump out. Right as they pulled out of their slip, the wind picked up, to crazy speeds. Rob fended them off of Moonraker, but we were prepared when they came back.

Everyone on our end of the dock--as well as the dockhands--came to help out (and watch the show!).

Shortly after they returned to their slip, the sun came back out and it was a beautiful day. Here are some pictures of our fun:

My favorite part of marina life is waking up as soon as the sun has come up and walking along the quiet docks, bathed in the early morning light. Last time we were on Moonraker, I automatically woke up at 6:00. Now it gets light later, and I wake up around 7:30. When we were first off the boat, when we didn’t know whether we would be on it again, I felt the saddest in the early morning. This morning did not disappoint me.

We were ready to sail back to our home port today, but the weather report told us otherwise. A severe storm system was heading across the state, so we were “stuck” in Tawas for another day. Every once in awhile, we do get stuck in a pleasant port, and we were not sad to stay an extra day. Out on the bay, there were 70 mph winds and golf ball sized hail, so we definitely made the right choice.

The shop in Alpena had left Moonraker a mess, with oily handprints all over, so we gave her a good washing during Beanie’s naptime. She will be standing tall for her grand entrance tomorrow!

In the afternoon, we had a surprise. As I was writing this blog entry, I saw our friend, Nathan, pull up on a Sea-Doo. Their family was going to meet up with us on our cruise, in their home made catamaran, the Proteus. Their summer also involved boat troubles, but today they went out and bought a couple of personal watercraft and surprised us with a visit! (Unfortunately, my camera battery died once again as soon as they arrived.) This surprise really added to the celebratory atmosphere of the weekend.

So, tomorrow we return to Bay City, if the weather holds out. It will be a 9 hour cruise, past the freighter dock and Gravely Shoals. I am ready to be underway once more.

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