Some Saturday Reading…

A lot of bloggers take breaks during the winter, but with the coming of spring, we’re beginning to hear about everyone’s adventures once again. Here are some good link:

Susan does a really good commentary on the parable of the Good Samaritan. Her bread-and-butter money advice is always great, but I think she has a knack for devotional-type writing as well. Perhaps we’ll see her on Passionate Homemaking someday…

A Kinder, Gentler Minimalism
Francine (aka Miss Minimalist) took a sabbatical from her blogging…And returned with a baby and a house! Now, we get to follow her adventures are she reconciles her former, extreme minimalistic lifestyle with the “American Dream.” I’m curious to see how her Suburbanalist lifestyle turns out.

What I’ve Learned About Learning
Zen Habits has some nice suggestions and commentary of learning, and helping children to enjoy learning. He’s a strong proponent of unschooling. While I don’t know that every child would learn everything they need through this method, there is something to be said for instilling that love of learning, through child-led discoveries. I’ve seen many kids just burn out from being directly taught at school and then at home.

My Husband’s Story: Solar Energy
I was afraid that the Zero Waste family was on their way out of the blogging world, since they had scaled down to the occasional guest post. But now they’re back, with more great ideas! Recently, they installed solar panels, and now they got their first electric bill. You can see why we’re switching to solar…

Simple Household Baby Toys
Forget the boxes of plastic! You’ve got some great baby toys right under your own roof. We get flyers from Beanie’s school recommending play projects using everyday objects, and I can’t get enough of it.

Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

When you have to follow a special diet, it seems that the sauces are always the first thing to go. Here’s a recipe for Ranch Dressing that is dairy free. Of course, you could modify it to be gluten-free, low glycemic, or whatever you need!

Spring Bucket LIst–Family Fun for the Seasons
Some fun, family activities for the spring. Help keep your antsy little ones busy during that short-but-oh-so-long home stretch to summer!

May Day Tidings and a Power Bar Recipe
Another great recipe. And Heather’s kids’ latest antics. If you haven’t been following, her youngest recently got into a tube of Butt Paste and spread it all over the house. A sense of humor is a must, when raising little ones…

Adventurizing Stability
Just like Miss Minimalist, newlyweds Megan and Corey are struggling with their desire for adventure and their need for a home base. It’s interesting to watch these kids find themselves, and you know that, in the end, they will be happy with a life that is uniquely theirs, free from any outside pressures.

Lukey’s Boat is Painted
Zack, who has lived aboard since the day he came home from the hospital, finally has a sailboat of his own. A big day for any kid!

Well, we’re off to clean the motor home, so it can leave our yard (hopefully forever!). Then, hopefully Fed Ex will bring us the bottom paint we ordered for Moonraker, so we can make a trip out to Bay City.

Have a great weekend!

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