Some Pictures From Yesterday

I was having difficulty uploading photos yesterday, but today I’ve had success! (It’s a matter of tethering the mobile hotspot to the laptop, and using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox). So, yay for problem-solving!

First, here are some close-ups of the Appledore under sail.

Uh-oh! Here is the spreader, with the missing pin.

And there is the engine, being repaired once again…

Beanie’s enjoying her new Marble Works!

So, we’re here today. They will repair the mast at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and then we will be on our way. It’s supposed to be cloudy and in the 60’s. The wind is going to be 9 mph NNE, so we might be able to do a close reach.

2 thoughts on “Some Pictures From Yesterday

  1. Love the close up pictures of the Appledore..
    ILI looks to be having a blast playing with her toys!!
    Happy travels tomorrow..
    Don’t forget to check in when you get there

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