Some Good Reading

Last Saturday, I actually had some free time. So I paid my favorite blogs a visit. Here are some posts that are definitely worth reading:

Busy Bags for Little Hands
How many times have you wished you had something for your little one to do, when you’re busy at home or out and about? Michele has some great ideas for take-along bags, filled with activities. I plan to make some for our holiday celebrations. DVD’s are our old stand-by, but the Bean eventually loses interest in them. These activities sound much more fun.

My GMO Experiment
Donielle tried feeding her chickens organic and non-organic popcorn. The results were unexpected, but it led to a nice discovery about popcorn.

5 Ways to Prepare for Thanksgiving
Sorry, guys, but Thanksgiving is not just about overeating. These are some goods ways to prepare, spiritually, for the holidays.

Another Normal
I always loved the Welcome to Holland poem. But I think having the Bean is more like living in Middle Earth! In this post, Clarissa reflects on having two children with disabilities.

Knowledge is Power

Being organized makes everything less stressful. And money is no exception. Susan gives some great trips for tracking where your money is going.

My Hate Affair With Stuff
I remember how much easier our house was to manage, after the “great purge” last summer. Heather describes her adventures in purging.

Reading List for Salty Kids
A live aboard family recommends some reading for our little sailors.

Hello Gourd-Geous

Here’s an usual sight–a boat in the water, decorated for fall! Enjoy all the pictures on this blog.

A Word on Heirloom Guilt
Garfield once said that a heirloom is something that’s been in the family for generations…that nobody’s had the guts to pitch out. The Zero Waste family gives some advice on reducing, reusing, and recycling heirlooms.

Autumn Harvest
I love reading about this family’s adventures in relocating from the US to England! In this post, they get local, organic food delivered right to their door.

Nong Kai, Sunsets, and the Mighty Mekong
Remember Cory and Megan, the young sailors we met in Harrisville? Well, now they are married and honeymooning in Thailand. This post has some absolutely beautiful descriptions. But be forewarned: reading about their soup will make you hungry!

Enjoy your reading, and have a great day!

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