Some Good Reading…

Well, if this comes up, I’m out of cell phone range. Don’t worry, we’re fine! Just off the grid for a few days…

So, while you wait, here are some articles from my favorite blogs!

Play Kitchen
Check out this very simple, very fun play kitchen from the family that lives aboard the Majestic!

Book Review
Sara talks about “That Fault in Our Stars.” I actually downloaded this book and found it to be completely awesome. Check it out!

Hoarding and Minimizing: Finding my Place on the Continuum
This was written by one of my teaching partners for next year. I think we all can relate to her dilemma!

Rejection: The Bane of a Transplant Patient!
If you’ve been following Bridget and Jason’s story, they’re now going through a difficult time. But, of course, they are staying positive and taking it one day at a time!

4 Nights in Rome
A fun adventure in relocation! When you finish reading about volume 1, go on to volume 2…

Good Habits
Heather gives some advice for self-improvement over the summer months.

Around the Clock Shower
A very neat alternative to the traditional shower.

Stories of Hope and Healing: Tooth Decay/Autism
Donielle has very neat stories of natural healing–check it out!

5 Ways to Simple Natural Food

This is great if you want to eat naturally, but need a place to start!

Fifty Ways to Wear a Men’s Dress Shirt: Day One

Some ideas for your minimalist/zero waste wardrobe!

My 25 Things
This is actually written by Sarah, a teenage minimalist. If you haven’t checked out her blog, make sure you do!

Food Waste Friday

The Tasmanian Minimalist talks about ways to reduce your food waste.

The Zero Waste Wardrobe?
Some thoughts on making it happen.

Minimalist Philosophy: Not-to-Have and Not-to-Be
A different look at how we define ourselves.

High 5 to 35!
Because, as I’ve said, life begins at 30!

Me and Nessy vs. Big Box Store Employee

On the lighter side…Read it, you’ll love it!

Coming from a Culture of Excess
Reconciling a very passionate, fun (but excessive) culture with minimalism. You can have the best of both worlds!

Small Things, Big Changes

How making small changes can help you live more frugally.

Planning Ahead for Groceries

How that shopping list can save you money!

Enjoy reading these, and I’ll see you in a couple days! (I do have posts for every day I’m gone, so do come back in the meantime!).

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