So It’s Easter!

And that means my self-imposed Internet fast (of sorts) is over, and I’m free to waste as much time online as I choose!

Of course, I don’t believe in giving something up, then returning to my old habits…and cutting back has taught me a few things.

1. The biggest lesson: Writing is a VERY positive thing for me! The first week, I kind of cheated and spent my free time compiling my recipes. But as I got out of the habit of daily writing, my other positive habits slipped. Instead of getting back into my morning routine, I fell out of it completely. I lost more and more routines each week, and found myself wasting more time reading e-books. Writing brings clarify; it organizes me. And I don’t stay in the habit of writing if nobody is reading it (such as a journal).

2. E-books might not be the best thing for me. I thought, great, I’ll catch up on my reading. The problem is, when I get into a book, it consumes me. I read the Hunger Games trilogy in a week. Of course, that was at the expense of attending to any of my other responsibilities. I spent more time reading than I spend online! Eventually, I’d love to designate some reading time. Maybe just during the summer. But writing is the best stress release for me.

3. Daily connections with others are good. I handle stress better when I touch base with my friends on Facebook, my blogger friends, and my friends on Michigan Natural Parenting. There is a sense of community that I have missed. Stopping in to those places once a day is good; when I find myself checking in multiple times a day, it’s time to find a cure for my boredom.

4. I didn’t miss time-waster sites. Not at all. Maybe, when I find myself drawn to those, I should check out an e-book!

So, happy Easter! I hope you’re having a great spring, and I look forward to sharing our spring adventures–mainly preparing for our launch in 47 days!

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