Sight Seeing!

Well, we tried to leave today.

The winds were supposed to get up to 20 mph, out of the NW, but we figured we’d be fine if we left in the morning.


First, we tried making two long tacks (going diagonally toward the direction you want to go, getting there in a zig-zag). It was fun, and we sailed we really fast, but we didn’t make any significant progress toward reaching our destination. We were in 7 foot breakers, but it took them smoothly under sail.

But we weren’t going anywhere. So we started the motor. Now we were rebounding against every wave that hit, causing a more chaotic feeling on the boat. We looked at our GPS. We were going less than 2 knots. At that rate, we would be motoring for 15 hours or so, on what should be a 4 hour (or less) trip. We didn’t want to waste the fuel, so that we could be miserable for a ridiculous amount of time, so we came about.

Our dock neighbors (who had dropped out of a race a few days earlier, when it was really rough) were leaving port as we re-entered. I’m sure they had a good laugh…

Presque Isle does not have a good grocery store, which is the only disappointment. We’re eating grilled cheese sandwiches again tonight, and we’ll eat crab salad again tomorrow.

But there was still some fun to be had.

First, we checked out two bikes. The PIYC provides these free for boaters, and they are very nice cruisers. We went into town, where there was another tourist-trap party store. They had less than the boater trap, but they did have decent coffee. So we’ll be able to use the French press tomorrow morning! It was a nice bike ride, with Beanie in her Ergo carrier on Rob’s back.

After that, we found the path to the lighthouses. It was time to be proper tourists.

Leaving Moonraker, at slip B-55...

Rob and Beanie on the path

Old Presque Isle light

The view from the top

Heading down the ladder--this is a PT session as well!

This was at Beanie's request...

As was this...

The view from the trail

So, even though we’re stuck, we had a fun day! Starting tomorrow, the wind will be coming out of the south, and it will be much lighter. We should make Rogers City with no problems.

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