Saturday Simple Playtime: If You MUST Get an Electronic Toy

I remember Beanie’s second Christmas, when my 18 month old daughter opened a rather large box. There it was…

Surpressing an eye-roll, I told her to say “Thank You,” which she did not. But she eagerly opened the box and got to work mashing buttons.

It came with an owners’ manual, which I thought was ridiculous, for a baby toy. We threw that out. We figured that this rather annoying toy would be something she would tire of in a couple of weeks.

At home, she carried it around, grinning. This blinky device held her attention like nothing else. She used the different voices to play music (either programmed songs or her own creations). She sang into the microphone. She had it read the story book to her. We actually had to limit her time on it, so she would use her other toys.

After its success on a camping trip that summer, we relegated the toy to the camper. Beanie would eagerly look for it whenever she went into the camper. It kept her entertained on many-a-trip.

On our Tennessee trip, we had no batteries, so we had to hide it. However, she must have caught us stashing it, because this weekend, our almost 5-year-old Bean used all her strength to open the seat in the camper.

“Toy,” she said.

“You have toys on your bed,” I told her.

“No. New toy!” She insisted.

She opened the seat and gestured toward the toy. I got it out and showed her that it didn’t have batteries.

“Batteries, on!” Beanie demanded.

After a trip to 7-11, the Bean got reacquainted with her piano-book. Even as I write, she’s creating her own animal-voice rendition of “Oh Where, Oh Where Has my Little Dog Gone?”.

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