Saturday Simple Playtime: Fun in the Kitchen

It is does not take a lot of extra work or time to provide a valuable learning experience for your little one. Sometimes, the routine household chores can turn into a fun playtime!

I’ve been writing for awhile about low-tech fun for children. Here is my post on toys for free play and here is my post on toys for guided play. Today, we will learn about fun ways to use cooking during playtime!

Beanie has just started having fun in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite activities:

–Baking cookies is a classic activity. Have your child pour the measuring cup, stir the batter, and spoon the cookies onto the sheet. Older children can measure the ingredients. This teaches following directions, fine motor skills, and delaying gratification.

–Have your child pour and stir any ingredients for a meal.

–Beanie loves to assemble sandwiches. This is a great direction-following and fine motor activity.

–Kids love to get food out of the refrigerator for you!

–Try making playdough. This is a great idea if you want to create something that is not food.

–Decorate Christmas cookies together!

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