Saturday Simple Playtime: Family Scrapbook Page

I must confess that I did not invent this activity. When Beanie’s Head Start teacher came over for the home visit, she gave us an “Activity In Kind” to do. Head Start parents are expected to give time, rather than paying tuition. We do a reading log, we will be volunteering in her classroom, and we get homework to do! (Of course it’s a lot more fun than real homework, and we don’t have to do all of them–although we probably will.)

The Bean’s first “assignment” was to make a family scrapbook page. I wanted us to have something nice that was uniquely Beanie (and her own creation). Here’s how we did it:

First, Beanie selected some paper for the background. (She chose the black flowers.)

Next, some paper to go behind the pictures. (Black flowers again!)

Gluing everything down.

Choosing the pictures.

And more pictures.

Adding words.

And stickers.

Mommy typed up descriptions for the pictures.

Ta da!

Making a family scrapbook can be a fun way to file those piles of pictures in your attic. When your little one helps out, it will reflect their personality and allow them to create something that is uniquely them.

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