Saturday Simple Playtime: Family Fun Day!

As many of you know, I have been following the Fly Lady program, for getting my house in order. Each day of the week, she assigns one task to be completed. For example, on Fridays I clean out the cars. Saturday’s task is to have a Family Fun Day.

Now we have a lot of fun already. We do activities with Beanie throughout the day, and she goes to her music class once a week. But still, having one “enrichment” activity, once a week, is really appealing. I’ve made a list of activities we can do, depending on the weather and the time of year. In the fall, we can go to a cider mill or a petting farm. In the winter: sledding, skiing, or skating. When it’s raining: the children’s museum or the library. When it’s hot: the beach or the splash park.

For our first activity, we decided to get out the canoe. We have not used this boat since before Beanie was born! Rob and I have always enjoyed canoing, even if we don’t exactly take it seriously… (On our 4-night trip, we sat facing each other. One of us ran the white gas stove and made coffee while the other steered. When it was time to switch, we just turned the boat around!).

Where we live, there are signs advertising “20 lakes in 20 minutes.” We chose a lake from the list, and checked it out. We plan to visit all 20 before we’re done. (We have visited 3 of them already). So, this time, it as Nestor Lake. No houses, no speed boats. Just extreme lily padding! It was very pleasant, and we had a great time.

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