Saturday Simple Playtime: Dancing the Night Away!

The Bean’s favorite activity is dancing.

We will put on her favorite MP3’s, or crank up the Victrola, and all three of us will dance in the living room. (It helps if you don’t have a lot of furniture!). She will spend hours doing this each day.

Dancing is great exercise (for you and your little one!), it helps develop large muscle endurance and coordination, and it helps develop a sense of rhythm. It’s also a great way to bond and to expose your kid to different types of music. Here are some tips, to get you dancing:

1. Close the blinds and let loose. Don’t worry about how you look. Beanie will only dance if we’re not self-conscious or trying to mimic her moves.

2. Branch out! Don’t stick to modern, pop music. Your kid will love some, and not like some others. Beanie loves Franco-swing, electroswing (also French), J-pop, Serbo-punk, and Russian folk music, if it has a good beat. She does some ballet-like moves to slower songs, but sad songs make her cry.

3. If your little one doesn’t start dancing right away, pick them up and dance with them. The Bean still loves this from time to time.

4. This is great to do with babies too! The Bean used to tap her bottle to the rhythm of the music, when Rob danced with her.

5. If it doesn’t work at first, don’t force it. This is supposed to be a fun activity.

Now go out, and start dancing!

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