Saturday Simple Playtime: Bottle Bowling

I really hate pop cans.

Throwing them away goes against everything that I stand for. However, returning them is a good way to kill an hour or so. The machines never work, the bags are always full, and they always reject half of my cans. It was enough to get me drinking iced tea last summer.

Still, we always find ourselves enjoying energy drinks on long road trips, especially to and from the boat. And Beanie’s homework assignment gave us something to do with them.

It’s simple, really. Line up 10 cans or bottles like bowling pins. Roll a ball to knock them down. When that gets boring, you can use pool noodles as bumpers. Or kick the ball. Roll the ball granny style. It’s a good large motor activity that can be done inside, it’s cheap, and it occupies the Bean for a long period of time!

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