Saturday Simple Playtime: Animal Musical Chairs

This was a suggestion we got from Beanie’s preschool, on an in-kind sheet. It’s a great non-competitive game to play with one or many kids, and it helps build language skills.

1. Arrange enough chairs for all players (or more than enough–when the Bean and I played, we set up 3!). Set them in a circle, facing outward.

2. Set a stuffed animal on each chair.

3. Have somebody start music playing. Rob cranked up our Victrola and played the “Tiger Rag.” The Bean danced while she walked around! (Remember how much fun she had in her music class…)

4. Walk around the chairs to the music.

5. The person running the music stops it. The players each sit in a chair.

6. Go around the circle and have everybody say what their animal is and what sound it makes.

You could play this with colors, shapes, household objects, books, etc. It’s a perfect game for kids who are developing language!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Simple Playtime: Animal Musical Chairs

  1. I wish my students were more verbal, this would be a lot of fun with them. Maybe I can borrow a bunch of voice output switches, & have those under the chairs for the kids that need them. Otherwise, this sounds like a good way to get my students moving in relation to one another.

    • I could see it working with something like Big Mack switches under the chairs. That could expose the students to the language as well, and get them interacting. You could even use an environmental control switch to turn on and off the music. That way, a student with limited movement could participate.

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