Saturday Simple Playtime: A Play House/Kitchen

Every Christmas, we make Beanie on large home made gift, instead of giving her lots of plastic toys. One year, that gift was a play house. The house is made of two sheets of inexpensive plywood, trimmed out and hinged together so that it fits in a corner. We painted it with primer first, then paint, so the wood is well-covered. Inside is a Samsonite table and chairs, from and a small kitchen. Beanie uses wooden dishes, including tiny tea bags. She has a real coffee pot, not plugged in, so she can practice being a barista. She also enjoys her toy microwave, which is funny because we do not own a microwave. We have felt food, a Melissa and Doug cookie set, and a porcelain tea set in her closet, for guided play. These toys were too much for the Bean to have out all the time, and she would just scatter them on the floor. We do enjoy using them together though!

Eventually, we plan to move Beanie’s bedroom into the room with the house, so it was be easier for her to play in it.

MOONRAKER UPDATE: I was getting discouraged, because we hadn’t heard anything, and school is starting soon. Then, our insurance adjuster called today, on the way home from Beanie’s therapy. Rob kept saying, “That’s great! Thanks!” They’re saying Friday, but I’m counting on sometime next week. We made the difficult decision NOT to return to Bay City this summer. We’re going to go as far as we can, and store it near the Straits, most likely on northern Lake Michigan. You will read about more of our adventures soon. Stay tuned.

ALSO: We are kayaking on the Rifle River this weekend, so I will not have Internet access. Because of that, I’m posting both my Saturday and Sunday posts right now.

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