Saturday Simple Playtime: 10 Uses for a Ball (inside)

It’s winter.

Most of the fun community activities, as well as the outdoor speech, PT, and OT activities, are not available. But take heart! There is fun to be had, right in your house. All you need is that playground ball you used in the summer. Here are 10 ways to have some indoor fun, with the ball:

1. Throw it into the bathtub. Your little one with love the splash, then they will throw it back! Since they are confined to the tub, it won’t go as far or cause as much damage.

2. Set up some household objects and do a little bowling.

3. Roll it down the stairs!

4. Play some basketball, using a laundry basket or empty garbage can.

5. Sit on the floor and roll it back and forth.

6. Set up some toys or blocks and roll it to knock them down!

7. Hide it somewhere in the room and have your little one search for it, Easter-egg style.

8. Draw faces on it with washable marker. Wilson!

9. Take turns trying to balance it on your hand.

10. Gather some other people and play “Wander Ball.” Pass it around in a circle and chant, “The wander ball goes round and round. So pass it quickly, you are bound. For if you have it when we shout: 1 2 3, you’re out!” It’s a hot-potato style elimination game.

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