Rogers City

We spend a splendid day in port today. Rogers City is VERY “up-North,” and very “sea town.” The town is bicycle-friendly (and the marina has loaners, as well as a courtesy car, if you prefer). They actually have a real grocery store, which was quite welcome, after our days in Presque Isle. It’s an overpriced resort store, but much better than nothing. (We’ll make sure to stock up when we go back to Midland. I miss my Kroger!).

There are two playgrounds within walking distance of the marina, as well as a nice beach. And the best part? There are ALWAYS kids Beanie’s age playing! She has literally spent all day at the park today.

In the evening, on Thursdays, the City Band has a “concert in the park,” at the bandshell by the marina. Tonight they featured Big Band jazz, which we listen to frequently in our house. Jelly Bean wanted to sit in the front row, and she had a great time!

Here are some pictures from today:

So, this is where we are. Tomorrow, we will head to either Hammond Bay or Mackinaw City. Hammond is out of cell range, but I have a post ready to go at 5:00, if that is the case.

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