Rob vs. the Atomic 4

We epically arrived here yesterday, under sail, because Moonraker’s engine would not run for more than 20 minutes at a time. We suspected the condenser, a $8 part. So we weren’t in a hurry today. We watched some Netflix, played cards, and then I headed out to buy some coffee (remember, our stove doesn’t work!). We enjoyed that,in a leisurely fashion, then took a walk so Beanie could look at the ducks. Then it was time to get started.

Into town went Rob on the bike, returning with a condenser. Then it was time for the 2 hour engine test. It quit at 50 minutes, just before I defeated him in our game. Must be the ignition coil.

Back into town for the coil, 5 minutes to install it, and time for another engine test. Quit after 15 minutes.

Lots of tweaking, experimenting, and moving around components of the electrical system. Lots of engine tests. Lots of stalling. Finally, it wouldn’t run more than 8 minutes.

Time to take off the carbeurator. It didn’t have much gasoline in it which pointed to a problem with the fuel–not the electical–system. Rob cleaned the carb, made some adjustments, and put it back on. 8 minutes later, the engine stalled.

We were hearing a strange rattle/whine after each stall. Rob said it was the fuel pump. We just bought a new fuel pump last year, but it seemed that this one was failing. This was a problem. If we bought a new fuel pump, we would have to anchor out in Harrisville, due to dwindling funds. But, we needed to get to Harrisville, and we would have to anchor out here if we had to stay any more nights. So, Rob headed into town once again.

Fortunately, they were out of fuel pumps. The man at the store told Rob that this didn’t sound like a fuel pump failure anyway, because they don’t usually work, then stop. (Rob had his doubts that it was the pump, but he headed out because it was getting late, and the shop would be closing).

So, no fuel pump. It was time to investingate the fuel system. After a little unkinking, blowing through the lines, and moving the fuel pump, it was time for another test. After one hour, Beanie and I headed down to shore to buy the celebratory Pronto Pups. After two hours, we finally felt confident.

So, now we won’t be stranded if there isn’t any wind! AND, we can afford a slip for tomorrow. We’ll be in Harrisville, and hopefully it will be warmer than today.

Here are some pictures from our morning walk:

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