Rethinking Our Traditions

I’ve been writing about ways to rethink Christmas, by rethinking gifts and rethinking our vision. Today, we’re going to look at our traditions.

Do your traditions all revolve around presents? If so, then you’ll feel like something is missing if you cut down on gifts.

Traditions help create some fun memories that will last longer than cheap plastic toys. Here are some suggestions for creating traditions for your own family:

1. Take a relaxed approach to decorating. Only use child-friendly decorations, and have the kids help! Pop some corn, put on some music, and make a day of it.

2. Make a cookie house. You can get kits inexpensively, and it’s a fun, edible activity.

3. Make some dough ornaments. You can use any cookie dough, but cover them with varnish when you are finished, if you want them to last. Paint them together.

4. Decorate your house with paper snowflakes. If you don’t feel creative, there are patterns available online.

5. Buy a child-friendly nativity scene, that your little one can play with.

6. Drive or walk around, looking at lights.

7. Make cookies together.

8. Go caroling!

9. Make gifts together.

10. Take a family trip, after the holiday, during break.

11. Look for activities in your area. We plan on taking the Bean on a sleigh ride in Alpena, after the holiday.

12. Do something fun for New Year’s. We get together with our friends then, and have a family-friendly party (complete with sparkling grape juice!). The kids exchange small gifts then and everybody stays up until midnight.

Have a very fun, non-materialistic holiday!

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