Repair Day!

We got the mast repaired bright and early this morning. They also ran the spinnaker line, so we will be able to fly the spinnaker when we go downwind!

We had intended to leave port today, but the forecast caused for some cold and miserable conditions on the Bay, followed by two rainy days. We don’t so much mind plowing through waves, but Tawas is not a fun place to be rained in. Everything is outdoor, and it’s a long walk to the bathrooms and showers. We would much rather enjoy that port on a nice day.

Things are clearing up on Sunday, and after that it looks like it will be pleasant and in the upper 60’s. In the meantime, we’re borrowing a car tomorrow, so that we can take Beanie to therapy, Rob to work, and all of us to the store to pick up some supplies (like parts for our stove, so I can finally cook in here!).

Here are some pictures from today and yesterday:

Installing the water separator required Rob to climb into the side locker.

This morning, it was back to the launching area to get the mast fixed.

While we were waiting, we saw a familiar face (under power this time).

This guy had the fun job! Relying on a crane with cables, rather than our 45-year-old ropes.

Meanwhile, Rob cleaned up his "clutter corner" on the quarter berth.

Securing the spinnaker lines.

So, although we’ve been stuck, we haven’t been bored! Having the extra time has been nice, actually. We’ve gotten more settled in to the boat, and it is getting more organized and feeling more like home.

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