Reflux Diet

The Bean had reflux symptoms in the womb. She constantly had the hiccups. When she was 1 week old, she was diagnosed. She started Prevacid a week later. After her 12 month check-up, she started Axid. At that time, she was on 6 medications. She was hospitalized twice. She definitely had severe GERD. Now she is on no meds.

How did it happen?

It was really for selfish reasons. I was not losing my baby weight. So, once again, I went on the South Bean Diet. This is the only diet that’s ever worked for me. Diabetes definitely runs in my family, and, at my heaviest, I tested my blood sugar (on my dad’s machine). It was one point away from being diabetic. I wasn’t just pre-diabetic. On a bad day, I was totally there.

South Beach is a low-glycemic diet, which totally agreed with me. After one week, my blood sugar was within the normal range. And the weight melted off. So this was the diet I followed. And we fed Beanie the foods that we ate.

In March, she went into the hospital with the stomach flu. By then, we had already weaned her off of her Axid. In April, she self-weaned from breast-feeding, but was still taking Prevacid. The next month, the Prevacid was gone. We thought she had outgrown her GERD.

Then the holidays came.

She got ornery. She cried and twisted–all of the GERD symptoms.

I consulted Dr. Google. I looked up “sugar and reflux.” I didn’t find anything there, but I found this and this. Apparently, lower glycemic foods require more stomach acid to digest, so they act as natural acid reducers. This is an “alternative” treatment, but it is gaining recognition in the medical community. Our family doctor signed a note, stating that Beanie must follow this diet, for her preschool.

So, here is the diet we follow:

–No white flour. Whole wheat pastry flour makes a great substitution.

–No processed sugar or HFCS. At home, we sweeten with Stevia. At school, fruit juice sweetened is fine.

Fresh fruit, instead of canned.

–Applesauce is fine, if it is unsweetened.

–No syrup.

And those are the rules. At school, she gets sandwiches with no sauces, other than mustard. At home, we make Catsup, Mayo, etc. And, on holidays, especially Halloween, she gets some Tums before bed…

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