Red Carpet and a Big Girl Bed!

I was going to put this with the basement project, but it’s not really off the grid. We’ll install the woodstove next, which will move us significantly in that direction.

But we have done some improvements. First, red carpet (on sale at Home Depot) for the basement!

Still not perfect, but a much better playroom/living area! For next winter, we plan to drywall the entire room, which will help a great deal.

Next, we bought a twin bed frame and headboard from the local thrift shop, for $15, some time ago. We found a twin mattress from Merchandise Outlet for $40. Rob made a bunk board out of the shelving unit that used to be installed in the basement. The result: a big girl bed!

Beanie had refused to sleep on a toddler bed, so we just put her mattress on the floor. Sometimes she slept on it, sometimes she put her bedding on the floor. She sleeps on a full bed when we visit Grumpa, and on the boat, her entire “bedroom” has a mattress under it. We never realized that she hasn’t slept in a twin bed! She was excited about it, but she woke up on the trampoline.

Oh, and her hands are red, because we put food coloring in some snow…You’ll read more about that on Saturday…

One thought on “Red Carpet and a Big Girl Bed!

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