Quiet Journey to Rogers City

We’ve been stuck in Presque Isle for 5 nights, while a low pressure system went through.

Today, things were calm again. The wind was light–barely existent–and out of the south.

It was time to go.

We had a non-eventful, windless motor for about 4 hours. It was sunny, pleasantly warm, and smooth. It felt really strange to walk through the cabin, while underway, without needing to hang onto the handles. I even left the iced tea pitcher on the counter for awhile!

There was a bit of fog when we started out.

There were some sails out, but the wind wasn't strong enough to get us to port in timely fashion.

It was finally sunny enough for me to need my hat!

Beanie was our navie.

New Presque Isle light

The gypsum plant in Calcite

Kitty found her favorite spot...

So, here we are! It’s a nice port. Like most state docks, it’s been recently renovated. Most of the docks are floaters, which is nice for a small boat. There’s a lot to do here, so we’ll be spending tomorrow in this slip. Then, we’ll disappear off the radar for a couple of nights (don’t worry–I have posts set up to automatically post!), before re-materializing at Mackinaw Island.

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