Political Debates: Just Say No!

I’ve always loved good debates, in moderation. However, this election year, I have noticed more people wanting to debate issues, more frequently. And it’s not really a debate. It’s more of a sorting process. “OK…Which of my friends are liberal, and which are conservative?”

I found myself participating in these discussions, and I found myself getting more and more worked up. And it was stupid. So I decided to quit.

Why am I abstaining from political debates this year? There are many reasons:

–It’s a dumb sorting process. Politics are so divisive in this country, even moreso than religion. I have some great friends who share values with us, who live their lives similarly to ours, and who are just good people. Does it matter that they have different opinions on philosophical issues? Not really.

–A debate won’t change someone’s mind. It’s just a hobby that people have, and nothing more.

–Debating is not “standing up for what you believe in.”. It’s not going to change anything, and it only serves to divide and upset people.

–Discussions are different from debates. I do like to learn new information about candidates, so I can be an educated voter.

So, how do I stand up for what I believe in? I do it with the way I try to live my life. I believe in peace, so I try to be at peace wi myself and those around me. I think the corporations have too much influence, so I try to keep my family as self-sufficient as possible, and avoid television. I’m far from perfect, but we do try.

Remember, it’s what you do that speaks louder than what you say!

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