Poison-Free Eating on a Budget

We’re not exactly loaded with money. That can make avoiding poisons difficult, because poison is…well…cheap.

However, we were able to plan meals for 18 days, for $230. That comes out to just over $12 a day, or $84 a week. I know many families who eat conventionally who do worse than that! And there are things I can do to save more money next time, like visiting the actual organic farm (which was closed on shopping day), instead of buying the meat at the food co-op.

So, this is our meal plan:

Breakfast: Eggs, with bacon 7 of the days

Lunches: Sausage Casserole–5 days, Cashew Salad–5 days, Fried Cabbage and Veggies–5 days, Omelets–3 days

Dinners: Pepper Steak–3 days, Chicken and Gravy over Mashed Cauliflower, Veggie Soup–3 days, Chicken Stir Fry, Omelets–4 days, White Fish and Veggies–3 days, Chicken Salad, Eating at My Parents’ House–2 days

I bought everything at the food co-op, getting bulk whenever possible. This was my shopping list:

Hamburger (for 3 meals) $21
Onions $6
Green Peppers–9 ct. $21
Tamari $4.99
Sesame Oil $6.59
Chicken $10
Cauliflower $3
Butter $5
Milk $3
Eggs–7 cartons $10.50
Cucumbers $6
Lettuce $2
Carrots $2.69
Turnips $3.16
Celery $1.99
Tomatoes $20
Gruyere Cheese $10
Bacon–2 packs $20
Fish–4 lg. fillets $20
Sausage $7
Romaine (3 heads) $4
Cashew $7
Gouda Cheese $7.26
Cabbage $8
Curry $2
Tea $2
Celery $1.99
Peanut Butter $8

So, there, it is possible! Happy, poison-free eating!

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